Phillips 36pw9607 help !!!

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by trixammaco, Jun 26, 2002.

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    OK so I am about to embark on creating my first 'proper' home cinema system and have selected my tv, the philips 36pw9607 but can someone please help me with the following

    1) in the what video & TV review it says "Also found are phono's for optical active fronts and a subwoofer preout socket, as well as a dvd friendly electrical digital audio input. Sadly there's no optical digital input, so this set's Dolby Digital Decoding and amplification can't be used with sat receivers such as Sky+ or certain dvd players" - What does this mean?? Does it mean that I can't get DD5.1 from my sat+ box???

    2) I intend to get a Toshiba 220 dvd player with the tv - any views on the compatibility.

    3) Am I going to get any benefit from a receiver and new speakers instead of using the tv's dd5.1. I dont want a dvd/receiver because I want to upgrade to a dvd/r in about a year. The tv comes with two rear speakers.

    4) any other suggestions for getting a better system for my £2000 budget. I can get the tv for £1500.
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    Hi trixammaco

    This could be in the wrong forum? but

    As to your questions, quick answer, a separate receiver/speakers, is generally(always?) better than the ones that come with a TV. DVD compatibility without looking at the specs I would see not problem what so ever. Make sure the DVD digital output is the same as the receiver input.

    Can’t you get a similar TV without the surround and speakers, and the money saved put it towards your other equipment?

    Regards Garrett.

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