Phillips 32pf9830 - DVD over comp / motorised stand issues

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by andrewf, Oct 28, 2005.

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    Morning all

    Still playing around with my new purchase and have come across two issues. First cant find anything to confirm in the manual, but does the TV only accept progressive scan over component? I''ve got a feeling my DVD only does NTSC prog which was fine with my old CRT cause that only accepted NTSC prog, however it still showed PAL non prog fine.

    With the Phillips, it shows region 1 DVD perfectly, however when I place a region 2 DVD in, periodically the screen goes blank for an instant as if losing the signal. Anyone have any ideas? :mad:

    I have noted that when I have a R1 disc in and hit channel button it lists either 480p or 480i in the channel info - and it works fine in either form. With R2 DVD's there is no number listed

    Also is anyone using their motorised stand. I am and am finding that it only seems to pay attention to the remote from about 2 feet away (useful that!). Beyond this distance, half the time it doesn't work and for the rest of the time, it sends the TV 100% to the left or 100% to the right. Not so good when it reached the wall :eek:

    I'm going email Phillips today about both of these issues

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