Phillips 28PW9617 Geometry - Is perfection possible?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Gerbil, May 20, 2002.

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    May 20, 2002
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    I bought a Phillips 28PW9617 from John Lewis which was delivered last Thursday. I'm actually very happy about the set. The picture when playing DVD's is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately I probably read too many posts in these foums before purchase and now find myself looking for problems with the geometry setup.

    I have the following issues which though relatively minor would be nice to get sorted

    1. Playing DVD's the top black border curves slightly down into the picture.

    2. Watching normal TV in 4:3 mode the left and right borders are fairly "curvy". They appear more curvy when there's brighter images on screen.

    3. When watching anything that completely fills the screen the top right corner of the picture pulls slightly inwards. Again this is worse when the top of the picture is showing a bright image.

    When it comes down to it, I can live with any of these faults as the picture is such an improvemnt on my old TV. If I call John Lewis how likely is it that the engineer they send will be able to fix these faults? Are these sort of geometry faults common to most widescreen TVs and should I just learn to live with it?

    ps I know I can take a trip into the service menu, but it does sound rather prone to problems on the Phillips.

    Thanks for any help.
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    I haven't seen a TV with perfect geometry yet.... There always seems to be some curve somewhere.

    Engineer might be able to improve it a bit - particularly the curvy sides.

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