Phillipe 37PF9975 - Buzzing noise

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by DeniedWolf, Mar 20, 2005.

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    Hoping that someone maybe abe to provide me with some help!!!

    I have just (6 days ago) bought a 37PF9975 from Currys. On the second day of having it, I noticed a buzzing sound.

    The sound/pitch varies when switching channels, between adverts, between black screens and pictures, when moving across text pages, etc..

    Master care have been round to lock at it and I was told that that this is due to the RF 'cogs' and that they were aware that customers had been raising this as an issue but this is not a fault and the buzzing is acceptable!!!

    I have very very little knowledge of Plasmas but having paid 2k for the TV, I would not expect there to be a buzzing noise..

    Does any one else have this model and are they getting this noise!!

    Or are Mastercare/currys taking me for a ride!!

    Any advise wouldbe very much appreciated.

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