PhilipsPW6006 owners please help


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I am having problems with the horizontal bars on my set when in widescreen mode.
Basically their not straight, the top bar bends slightly in the middle and the far right is 2mm lower than the far left. What makes it worse is the bottom far left is slightly higher than the bottom far right which means 2.35:1 transfers look like their slopping inwards at the far right.
I know theres ways to get into the service menu but Im not sure if I want to touch that and Im not sure if it will even work.
Any ideas ?.


Is there a picture tilt option somewhere in the normal tv menus?
My Sony had a slight downward lean to the right but it could be straighted out by the picture rotation option in the menu.
I also have a slight horizontal bowing on my picture that makes the widescreen bars look ever so slightly fatter in the middle section,but my way of looking at it is if you can notice that well watching a film you are watching the wrong film and need something more interesting to watch to hold your attention!
These tv are made to a price point and unfortunatley something has to go,usually straight lines and good geometry are the first things out of the window,its a case of what you can live with.


I have a 6006 and was lucky enough to get one that is about right on the geometry front. Is the TV new? If so my advice would be to either get an engineer out to look at it, or get a replacement. But, as Smallman says, it is up to you what you can/can't pu up with.

I think these problems can be tweaked with the service menues, but that is something I know nothing about. There have been a few posts over the last 9 months covering this sort of thing on the 6006. Try a search, if you haven't already. Failing that, maybe some of the more knowledgable members of the forum can shed some light on the subject for you?

Sorry I couldn'y offer any specific help to you.



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I have a 28PW6006 and I had a problem with the geometry of my set. I fixed it through the service menu but it is not an easy process. I managed to completely bugger up my picture for a while. This thread should help you decide whether or not you want to DIY or get an engineer:

PW6006 Service Menu

Read the whole thread before you even think about doing anything in the service menu.....


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Thanks for the help so far guys.
Can anyone tell me how to get into the service menu ?.
I might brave trying to tweek things.
Also, does anyone know what each value means ? (EW etc).
I have noticed that on WS dvds the black bars at the top seem to be smaller in depth that the black bars at the bottom. It don't bother me but Im just wondering if its normal, and if it might be streching the image or something ?.
I watched The Thing tonight in 16:9 and people seemed to be a little bit thin and narrow than usual, although it could just be that film because I've tried other discs and they seem to look normal.
Even more annoying is that the black bars in widescreen mode seem to be different in size depending on whether the source is NTSC or PAL. This is a really bad fault as its impossible to know if the film is actually being shown in its correct aspect ratio or whether its being vertically streched in which case the picture will be out of shape. I mean which size screen is correct, NTSC or PAL ?. Surely that should both be exactly the same ?.
Its hard to know where to draw the line between looking for faults and over looking for faults when you get a new TV set. ;)


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Im a little confused.
Basically all I need to do is make the horizontal top left of the screen about 2mm lower, and the horizontal bottom left about 2mm lower as well. But I dont know which values I need to change to achieve this.
Is it better to make these alterations in 4:3 mode ?, or should you set the TV to the mode you changing ?.


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Don't waste your time in the service menu Jimmi, as the black bars can't be adjusted to look straight, believe me I've tried.

I have a similar problem where the top bar is slightly lower to the right with a slight bend in the middle, but I'm learning to live with it as I've seen similar problems on other tv's.



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OK mate thanks.
Looks like I'll leave it and see if I can get a replacement.
Does anyone have an explaination as to why WS NTSC dvds appear bigger than WS PAL ? (IE-smaller black bars at the top and bottom). I honestly can't get my head around that one.


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I decided to check out the options in the service menu and the only options available inside the geometry menu is HP & VP.

Also I just read this on the philips site -
It has been pointed out to me, by someone named Martin, that entering the service default mode by these methods would disable the Protection system and could therefore put you at risk of harming yourself. Unfortunately he didn't go into more detail on why or how.
However, be warned that if you use the service pins to access service mode all software security features ARE switched OFF!!!

Does using the service mode make your TV unsafe ?.


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You should have more than HP and VP as options. VP wasn't an option on my TV's service menu so perhaps Philips have upgraded the service menu since I bought mine(Dec 2001)

If your service menu is the same as mine, this thread should enlighten you to what some of the options mean:

Service Meun Options

It is not obvious that there are more options when you first go in. You have to scroll through the options first. Can't exactly remember but either pressing up and down on the centre bit of the remote adjusts the criteria that you are searching or left and right does the job. Just please remember to write down the settings before you fiddle.

Also i would agree with tom-m, unless the problem is really bad don't try to use the service menu as you may regret it later when your TV is Donald Ducked..... How old is your TV, can you not get an engineer out or get it replaced? If it is less than 28 days old the store should happily replace the TV for you as it will be Philip's problem and not theirs.

Not sure what the Philips site is saying but am pretty sure that they are just covering their backs and it's nothing to worry about. Do you have a link to the site where you read this?


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Just tried using the service menu and the whole TV has gone tits up.
I can get 4:3 back to normal using the old pre-set numbers but all other screenmodes are completely shagged.


John Jennings

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Originally posted by Jimmi
Just tried using the service menu and the whole TV has gone tits up.
I can get 4:3 back to normal using the old pre-set numbers but all other screenmodes are completely shagged.


Just read all of the posts in the thread that was quoted above (here it is again) as was warned initially.

It'll probably be the EWP and the EWW settings that'll be messed up. Those settings need to be adjusted in Widescreen mode. Read pages 4 & 5 of the thread from back to front (starting with my "Electrolyte / Tom W HELP! Wah! I've gone and done the same stupid thing again!" post) and it'll sort you out.


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