philips9527 - should I stay or should I go?


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Hello all - I'll be honest the 9527 makes me a little nervous..

I'd finally set my heart on the 9617 - I've sold my old tv & am currently watching my sons 14" I've read back over the various threads on the 9527 some good some bad (geometry, switching issues etc.) but still I'm thinking that the 9527 makes sense for's cheaper & I don't really need the extra speakers although I understand they're supposed to be good.

I went into Lewis's (Edinburgh) check out the 9527 but they had none in store or on their system..they did have a shed load of back orders for the 9617 which would basically mean 14" of misery until 1st week in November...

So should I take the risk and get the 9527 from say Comet online within a couple of days (but with no warranty) or do I sit tight & stick my name on the list & wait and hope that when the 9617 eventually arrives at Lewis's that some other bugger has one in stock cheaper that they will price match??

Please make my mind up for me...



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Just checked out a site called 24-7electrical....anyone recommend them? heard of them? they have a 32w9617 instock a bit dearer (£1300) but their warranty is £99 for 3 years ...?

Any thoughts?


ps I've just popped my 100 posts cherry:D


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Hi Bertha,

Nice to see you back on the TV forums after such a long time :)

I remember that you were deciding on the 9617 around the same time I bought mine back in July.

Up until the recent posts regarding switching et al. I would have recommended the 9527 without a thought to anyone looking for a decent non-dolby digital solution. Now, I must say I'm not so sure, especially following Zacabeb's post, suggesting that they use a different chassis for the 9527 vs. the 9617 (I had always assumed them to be identical aside from the lack of a SCART and Dolby).

I am extremely pleased with my 9617, and obviously I suggest, if your budget can stretch to it going for it.

A company I dealt with when shopping for my TV was Robertsons in Glasgow. I actually had an order placed with them until John Lewis agreed a pricematch (the 5 year warranty swayed me). They were always very courteous and prompt at returning calls- even when it came to cancelling the order, so you may wish to give them a try.

If you are keen on extending your warranty, look at Domestic and General , they are the underwriters for the majority of "manufacturer extended warranties" and I've heard they give good service and competitive prices.

Good luck with everything and do let us know how you get on ;)


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From what I've seen recently (although I've only looked at three), It could be down to luck.
Hopefully these were all early examples.


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Well had a good butchers at the 9527 in Comet & Currys today & I walked away a bit non's so difficult to check these things out properly, the signal going into the tv in both stores was a best "ertha kitt"..the picture on the 9607 looked great by comparison from the same feed..which put me off all the more..there was no sign of a 9617 to compare but I've seen it enough times to know that it looked that bit better than the 9527 despite difference in tube...?!

So I'm still tellyless..and still looking at a 3 week wait..sigh

Anyone out there love their 9527- who can convince me?




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Just had a look at Novembers 'What Video & TV'.
They gave a big thumbs up, but what do they know!
Anyway I tend to look at the quality of the Teletext, 'cos it seems to be the the only thing that stays reasonably constant in the face of such crap TV signals in most of these stores.
And so far I aint seen one that is as good as a 9617 or 8717, which upsets me because I was also hoping to get a 9527.
Apparently, the 9527 also has an EISA award for 2002 !!!

Anyway, got to go to Derby tomorrow, so I'll have a look there if I get time.


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Looked at another 32" 9527 in Currys in Derby, and it was awful.
Picture looked too soft. Confirmed by the fact that on screen graphics looked OK in centre of screen but fuzzy on LH side.
Teletext was fuzzy on left and right but OK in middle.
Yet every 32" 9617 and other sets such as 8717, 9576 & 9594,5,6 series are OK.
I'm getting a little p****d off with this, 'cos I was hoping to order one this week. Don't know what to do now, since I don't really want to pay for the 9617 DD when I don't need it. (Although the way things are going, I might have not have much choice if I want a decent set.)

So this is now the 4th 32PW9527 that I've seen and they have all looked fuzzy/out of focus compared to 9617.
Is it poor speaker screening. Ought to be the same as 9617.
So, can only conclude it is poor tube setup.
Anyone got any ideas.

BTW, for anyone whose interested, the 9527 has an EM5E chassis as opposed to the 9617s MG3.2E chassis.
The 8717 and 9594,5,6 series have an EM2E & EM3E respectively.


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Hello - I've come to the same conclusion as you..that the 9527 just doesn't cut may just be bad luck and the samples we've seen have been poor ones & that there are happy 9527 owners out there..but for me it just wasn't lighting my I've bitten the bullet &ordered the 9617 with those lovely but unnecessary speakers..and should arrive Saturday (fingers crossed!) - will let you know the verdict ....all the best



36PW9527, the one I got few weeks ago, I tested it on store for 2 hours (all inputs all formats, everything..) put it into box and dragged home.

Just a perfect one, not any faults.. (happy me :cool: )


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well after blabbing on & on and hours and hours of research & agonising my philips 329617c arrived today courtesy of electricals direct..have to say friendly on the phone, delivered when they said they would no problems..will happily use them again...first impressions...inserted Monsters inc dvd...really apparent shuddery flicker at top of screen..."bertha jr climb out of that box this mother is going back!"....2 more minutes fiddling...I set the dvd to 16:9 mode (my previous telly was 4:3) & bingo! no more flicker and one seriously lush picture - gobsmackingly wife said "that's incredible - it looks like you could reach out & touch them" and do you know for the 1st time in her life - she was right!

The watched Scotland stick it to Iceland...about bloody time!!! And the picture was at best - shonky...not a good sign but checking out my sons portable (which was similarly poor) and trying out the other channels revealed it to be a poor the verdict?

Love it love love it:D

all the best to those in their agonising quest for their ultimate telly....happiness is only a credit card away!



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