philips36 pw9607 OWNERS STILL HAPPY


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philips 36 pw9607 are you all still happy and would you still buy this set or what would you buy now and have you had problems.

Does any one know if there is going to be a component version any time soon for pro scan pal etc and do you think this is much of a sacrifice to make.

Also woundered about the sound dont know weater to get the new philips amp and speaker package in currys but im almost sure of the tv as for dvd player i think im going to draw straws.

Thanks for the help so far its getting nearer to my time to buy and i can fell the excitement building.


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Happier than ever - watched the Sky broadcast of Hannibal last night to compare with the DVD I have, and the disc is better but not that much. The scene where the pickpocket tracks Lecter through the collonades in Florence was superbly detailed. It was almost 3-d in its level of clarity, and this is a scene with loads going on often at high speed. This is the best CRT picture yet devised - the Tosh strata gets close but the 9607 still reigns IMHO.

I don't expect Philips to bring out a PS/component input version anytime. More likely they will add pixel plus to their plasma TVs, what a must have that will be.

The DD sound on the 9607 is excellent but a separate system will be better. Depends on your budget - don't scrimp on cables.


the pixel plus can have a superb picture, however it is not without faults.

To start with the bad points, i find watching low bit-rate sky digital channels become quite noisy with pixel plus on (not the movie channels), the extra processing introduces artifacting to the image. when watching these channels i turn off p+ and use 100hzDigitalScan instead, this is very acceptable, and almost as good as the sony i had. (i think sonys DRC is the best for low bit-rate channel viewing)

my set has a slight fish bowl effect to the right hand side of the crt, ie. scrolling text or images changes shape slightly as it comes on to the screen.... this can be slightly annoying for me. Others have mentioned the set has a dark bar/s on the screen, this hasnt been a problem as it isnt really noticeable.

And now the good, when watching high quality dvds (ie shrek) the picture quality is mind blowing, in fact i would go as far as to say the picture is the best ive seen on a scart tv. it really is amazing...and this is on a 36 inch CRT.
Although the set uses a panasonic tube, i have never seen the moiré effect on ntsc dvds...infact they look great. R1 reservior dogs is stunning ( i work as a 3d im used to looking for artifacting)

would i choose this set again...

well, if i was choosing a new set today i would consider the philips pixel plus 36incher or the new sony 36fs76 (with the aluminium design stand..not the brutally ugly UK wooden stand)

erm.. i hope that helps



What a Joke! :)
Must be the setup conditions are all differ each other. :p


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Set is now three months old.
The picture is perfect (touch wood)-many of the previousl;y mentioned imperfections do not appear on my set.
As I have my own sound set up their speakers are not in use.
My 29" Philips set still has a superb picture after six years, but this one is superb, whether on Sky +, video, DVD or analogue.

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