Philips32" PW9528



yeah. want to you guys say about the philips 32" PW9528 TV? The panny is a lot better designd.

Hate to buy tv!


I've just bought a 32PW9528.

I've spend a week comparing lots of TVs using the same picture source and came up with this set - the PQ is the same on 32PW9308 btw - but without the Dolby Pro Logic sound. More important : a third scart connection is missing on the 9308, so choose the 9528 if you need it.

I'm VERY satisfied with the 9508 - HOWEVER you must consider these things :

It require a good source to shine ! I use a digital cable reciever connected via scart with a brilliant result ! An average RF source will not do the set any justice IMO.

Remember to "tell" the TV what devices you connect to each scart connector in the options menu (DVD, Digital STB ect.)

Also, the out-of-the-box settings are awful - you must fiddle with the settings but it's worth the time - believe me ! I use these settings :

Contrast : 70
Brightness : 45
Color : 53
Sharpness : 2
Color enhancement : Deactivated
Tint : Normal
Digital options : Pixel Plus
Dynamic Contrast : Deactivated
DNR : Deactivated
Active Control : Deactivated

If you can live with lowing the contrast futher go for it.

As you can see most of the digital stuff are deactivated for better PQ - It really make a difference!

I really can't say anything negative beside the "Black Bar" syndrome which has been mentioned already in this forum.

Good luck with you TV hunt - Be sure to compare the 9528 and PD30 side-to-side before deciding - it's a matter of personal taste. As you can figure out the PD30 came up short in my case.



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I have had the 9528 for around 12 weeks now and i think its a great picture and would happily recommend this set. I use different settings from above and do leave much of the digital options on now. I continued playing with the settings for several weeks till I got to where I am now and haven't touched them in in at least 4 weeks. So if you do go for this set play around with the settings until you find what you are happiest with and that will likely change for several weeks as you get used to the picture.

The picture does take a little getting used to particularly if your previous set was a standard 50Hz, but I wouldn't give my set up. I also preferred it to the PD30 when I checked them out in the retailers, but your right the Panny does look better, but was also a lot more expensive in the UK when I compared them in the High Street.

I view mainly via SKY+.

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