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Question Philips X2 Fidelio or Sennheiser HD600/650?

DJ Dave

Active Member
Got around a £200 to £240 budget. Saw the X2's for a bargain £150, but missed the deal.

Have it on good authority that the HD650's or the HD600's are going into a flash deal at around £200.

What choice would you make? I know that these have been about a few years, but they are superb headphones.


Distinguished Member
What are you going to be running them from as the Sennheiser really need a decent amp to sound any where near their best ?


Distinguished Member
I've been researching headphones for weeks, I've recently bought the X2's. Basically it depends what you want the headphones for. Pure music? Get the 650's. Gaming and movies as well? X2's.

Obviously there's more to it than that (Sennheiser's need an amp as above) but that basically sums it up.

DJ Dave

Active Member
I already have the 580's and they even stick out a great sound in the iPad 2 without an amp. TV programmes sound crystal clear. Just waiting for the HD600's to get to £200 or below. They've moved them down to £219 today on Amazon.

You can also get the HD700's for £305 on Amazon Italy with the weakness of the Euro throwing up a bit of value. Cracking price for those.


Distinguished Member
650 for music
X2 for media (TV etc)

The better punch in the low end makes the x2 better for film watching. For music there is no real comparison. 650 wins hands down. IMO of course (before someone gets snotty).

Nothing says you can't own both..... ;)

DJ Dave

Active Member
Ok, the time has come. The HD600's are available for £203 and the HD650's for £223. Both prices will be matched by John Lewis too, but the warranty is 2 years anyway.

If you're playing Fleetwood Mac, would you get more out of the 650's?

I'm also looking at the Pioneer HDJ2000 Mk2's, had them offered at £205. I still like having a mix on the decks, so I'm thinking the Pioneers would be a better choice on that front, but those Sennheisers are so good for the money it's making me want them more. Help!

DJ Dave

Active Member
Ok, I am going with the HD650's. They can also be used in my studio for mixing. The only thing niggling me is that the Pioneers could be used on the iPhone whilst travelling whereas there's no way you can use the 650's out and about!

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