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Philips Widescreen: How do I spot a bad tube?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by gremalkin, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. gremalkin


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    Hi All - I bought a 'graded' Philips 32PW9536 set last year which developed a power supply fault. On the occasions it was working, I noticed a yellowish-brown stain on the top left-hand edge of the tube - visible when a white background is on the screen.
    The trader recently replaced the set with one (same model) that had the same brown stain (on the right-hand corner this time) and a blue tinge at the top edge of the screen. I pointed this out to the trader and they have said that they are going to repair the original set and send it back to me.
    Not being an expert in televisions, I suspect that the picture tube is knackered on both these sets. I am wondering what the trader is going to do in order to fix the problem - somehow I cannot see them fitting a new tube.
    Can anyone out there tell me if the fault described is a set-up issue or is it really a knackered tube? Can the trader bodge the repair and cover up the defective tube by foul means (so that it lasts until the guarantee expires..)?
    I also noticed that when viewing teletext in split-screen mode, the bottom left hand corner was unreadable - it was blurred and the colours were bleeding. Should I be worried about this? The picture seemed fine apart from the stains, only the teletext appears blurred.
  2. LV426

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    This sort of staining is prevalent in large screen CRTs. It can usually be corrected by a well-trained tech by the application of small, self-adhesive permanent magents to the neck of the tube.

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