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    Well still looking to get a new 32/36 inch WS and had norrowed down to Philips 9527 or Toshiba 26 ZD P. I have been following all the great threads here and wanted to try and summize known problems before I do a viewing test this weekend.

    Philips 9527

    Auto switching problem between 16:9 and 4:3 (not in 9617)
    Dubious looking Teletest quality
    Digital artefacts on fast moving images (Sports)
    Picture quality on Phillips tube not as good as Pansonic tube in 9617


    Buzzing noise (possible only on 28's)
    Black bars on left and right (only on 36's)
    Colour bleeding issue with regards to stable red logo's
    Smearing effect on bright objects

    Would people have others to add to a simple list. I know that not all people have seen these issues, I am simply trying to compile a list of possibles to look out for. I am hoping that I won't notice any of these issues, that I will love both.



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