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Does anyone here have (or has used) the Philips VR-969 VCR from around 1997/8? I have one that was aquired as broken for a year but finally I have got around to fixing it. It has an analogue clock on the front along with a jog and shuttle remote - quite nifty!

So far it is playing back and working well - however it was a long haul to get there needing:

Multiple new cassette mech parts and pinch roller (someone forced a tape) and alignment after.
New 20-pin ribbon connectors to front panel (front panel dead and no clock)
Crack in PCB fixed (caused by unsupported sockets)
All parts washed due to cigarette tar residue

Thankfully the heads are like new so it was worth the effort.

I never remember these for sale but would appreciate any thoughts or experiences. Also what tape brand works best?
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You have probably seen this - but just in case:

See here.


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Thanks - yes I did read that article the other day actually. The computer port in the back is quite unusual but I don't know what would happen if it was connected - what would the computer screen show?

It is quite a heavy VCR with loads of PCB's inside and some ribbon cables going around the top inside connecting the front panel to the back section. It kind of looks as if it was a struggle getting it all in there!

Performance is very good in my opinion with a slightly soft yet steady and noise-free image. There is no noticeable video ringing (a bugbear of mine). The Turbo Drive mechanism is fast to respond to input but has some weak spots like that spiral drive. Load tapes with care...

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