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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by greenthumb, Jul 8, 2002.

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    Hi all, just got off the phone to philips uk and im fuming.:mad:
    Been trying to get a definitive answer on the panny philips tube issue for about three weeks. I thought I may have got somewhere today as I had been given a customer and someone to call back on the subject. My first three calls involved talking to someone with little or no knowledge on the subject, but now I was going to talk to a proffesional:eek:
    So I phoned the guy up, Paul was his name and what a great help he was,not. I grilled him first on the physical differences of the two types of tube as mentioned by Zacaceb earlier in these forums. His answer, "All Philips tubes are manafactured in the same plant to the same specifications and that there is no difference in spec. between the two types."
    Right okay, So why are they visually different, ie. Philips flatter and squarer.
    Philips: I cant really comment on that Ive only been given iformation saying that they are manafacctured under the same spec. at the same factory, I even know where they are made.
    Can you tell me who makes them then?
    Philips: No I cannot say

    After repeating my question over and over he started getting a bit wound up saying that everyone shares parts and up to a few years ago Philips were the only ones making tubes in the world. Hmm if there that great then why use panasonic I thought.
    I got nowhere on that thread apart from the shakes from pent up rage:mad:
    i then asked why the 9527's contain a mixture of tubes even though Philis press release said that all 9527's will ship with Philips tubes from June.
    He stated that the sets do contain a mixture of tubes and that they only came out in June, and that the picture is the same on both sets and if you dont want to buy something because it contains someone elses parts then dont buy it. He also stated that he hasnt had any calls complaining about picture problems relating to different tubes. He also said that a few letters on a forum does not really contribute to a problem that they feel needs adressing as they have sold plenty of sets without an issue.
    Now I havent really got any further than where I was three weeks ago. He wouldnt answer any questions involving tube design and wouldnt agree that the tubes are different.
    Now, dont get me wrong I think the picture on these sets is good but I really think Philips are keeping things from me. Surely a discussion about tube designs isnt going to break there top secret classified information code. so why wont they help me?
    I only want a few simple answers. It seems I come up against a brick wall every time. Any way I feel better now for getting this off my chest:D
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    Similar story when I was trying to decide which Tosh DVD to go for, the 220 or the 510.

    I thought, what better than to phone Toshiba direct and see what the people in their Technical Service dept would say.

    They didn't have a clue. They were a complete waste of time. I'm not usually blunt when I'm on the phone, but I asked this guy if there was anyone else there with a little more experience of these machines, but apparantly there wasn't.
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    Hi GreenThumb I too have recently contacted Philips, here's what they told me.

    "All companies, including Philips, share parts to keep the cost of production down.

    It is possible that when you buy one of our models it could have a Philips or a Panasonic tube.

    I think you will find these tubes are manufactured in the same plant to the same high standards and should not effect the quality of your picture.

    Which ever tube you have in your TV it would be tested and modified to Philips specifications and high standards with regard to quality.

    There is no distinction between any model numbers to indicate which tube would be in a particular model.

    If you are making a point of saying you will not buy this product if it possibly has a Panasonic tube then we will not be able to help.

    I hope this answers your query. "

    Thats the main point of the conversation. One minute Philips say all PW9527 TV's will come with Philips tube, next minute they are saying ANY of their models will come with a mixture.

    I have always bought Philips TV's in the past and found the company pretty good to deal with.

    BUT: They seem to be telling fibbles and keeping information from us consumers. Thats OK but when WE want to know we should be informed truthfully. This is not happening. Not too good for business since Philips, you would think, would try to keep it's customers and potential customers Happy. After all were the ones that keep the company out of bankruptcy without us they would not be in a very good state now would they!

    All the lies, and the um I don't knows are getting a little thin on the ground SURELY you should know what you put into your own TV's, should'nt you?

    The lies and arrogance we can all do without. With no straight answers, I for one will not likely buy Philips again, unless there is no alternative or a wonderful TV released that smashes the competition hands down.

    Oh well Philips you have just lost one previously happy customer. Come on get back on top, sort out your TV's with Philips Tubes and for goodness sake inform your customer service department. If they know what's going on then they are terrible at keeping their story straight. If they don't then is'nt it about time you brought them up to speed with everyone else?

    You are no longer the number manufacturer in my eyes, if I'm going to spend over £1000.00 for your product I want to know what's in it!


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