Philips UK responds to worries about US LCD TV recall

Discussion in 'News' started by John Archer, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Folowing stories last week concerning the fire-related recall in the US of a batch of its Ambilight plasma and LCD TVs, I took the liberty of getting an official response from Philips UK about the issue. And here it is...</p><P>"The issue is specific to the US and therefore does not affect any UK or Pan-European models. </P><P>Philips' US operation was alerted to an irregularity specific to certain batches of its 42” and 50” Plasma and LCD TV’s with Ambilight technology, produced between April and August of 2005, and distributed in North America only. </P><P>The affected TVs are liable to component failure with the potential risk for internal sparks and smoke, and in the worst case, ignition of the failed component internal to the Ambilight enclosure. Based on incidences reported and testing by Philips, we conclude that there is virtually no risk of an external fire-hazard due to the use of cabinets constructed with flame retardant material. No external fire, personal injury or property damage has been experienced. Nonetheless, Philips has been performing preventive repairs in consumers homes as a precautionary measure. "

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