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Home removals men disassembled the TV stand base rather than unscrewing the TV from the stand!

I have some pieces but can't work out how to reassemble. The TV is now very wobbly - with the stand just resting in the base rather than attached securely.

TV stand: Philips 42 Elite
TV: Philips 42pfl9664h/12

Can anyone please tell me how the base/stand is assembled? Am I missing any parts?


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It looks straightforward to assemble.
I see 3 holes on the part that is screwed to the TV, 3 holes on the base and 3 screws.
I presume of the 3 plastic washers one goes on top of the base, one below and finally put the 3 screws through the smaller washer and screw all together.
Check your TV's user manual for the stand assembly instructions.

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That's quite an old one!
The stand came fully assembled, so even if you kept the user manual it would not contain instructions for assembling the stand. It's supposed to be an easy setup - place stand, slot tv onto it, screw in and done! Also, by scale, it doesn't look like it can be attached as suggested, I think the white disk is exactly the size of the silver area and also the size of the hole in the white washer. The off-white washer has a smaller hole.

Please read my whole post before doing anything, it's late and all my thoughts are not in order.

Alignment wise the top piece marries with the screen part (obviously) and curves to the back of the base piece - the more rounded long-edge is the back of the base.

The fully assembled stand has rotation, which looks to be limited by the slot in the rightmost ring piece (which I'm calling spacer to differentiate from washer) matching up with the vertical flange from the back of the base. I think the white disk is used to sandwich the spacer between itself (white disk) and the silver bit? Spacer looks like different thicknesses, so I guess so.
The white washer is to reduce friction during rotation. Difficult to say where this goes without knowing where the rotation occurs and what happens in the next paragraph... I'm going to guess the silver middle bit on the bottom of the stand rotates independently of the black bit?

I think your problem is that they partially reassembled it incorrectly already! Without knowing where the rotation occurs it is difficult to say, but first - the black piece with the silver circle on the stand part; remove the three screws in a triangle. Then see what you can do.
It could be pretty straightforward from there?
If the screws come out but the part stays attached then those three screws attach through the base to the stand, with the washer betwixt the spacer and the metal? Surely at that scale that would put the screws through the washer?
So I guess the whole piece comes off, the white disk attaches the spacer to the silver area, the other washer goes between the removed piece and the stand!

If not, please can we have another photo clue and I'll give it a go in the daytime!

Good luck.

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