Question Philips SmartTV logo light and receiver light problem


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A while ago the Philips logo which is supposed to shine in white/greyish colour has shut down and the red receiver light does not function together with the remote either. No lights are working besides the ambilight on the back. TV itself works fine and i can switch it on/off from the button under the screen though.

Odd thing is that however earlier when the philips light dissapeared, it worked again when i tilted the tv screen a bit forward and also if i touched the tv backside/around the area where the power cable is at. Then sometimes the light turned on right after doing so and worked for a while again, now nothing helps anymore, both the Philips logo and the red light for remote are not functioning, even if i try to tilt the screen. We had it at repair guys few months ago and they didn't say anything, just reinstalled the tv brain or something. Lights ´worked for a week only once it started again.

We've only had it for one year.

It's a Philips 6600 Series 48PFS6609/12

Would appreciate alot if someone knew what is up with it.


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If you were able to fix it by tapping around the back or tilting it that suggests a dry joint or poor connection somewhere...regardless, contact "the repair guys" again.
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