Philips SHE9600 - any good?


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I need a new pair of headphones and I can't seem to find anything suitable.

I can't wear anything shaped like the standard iPod ones as they hurt my ears - I think they're just too big for me.
I've tried Sennheiser noise cancelling ones and I don't like them - they put too much pressure on my ear drums.

My current pair are an old cheap pair of Philips which are designed to be worn with a small band across the top of the head, but they can be removed from the band which is how I wear them.
What makes them the most comfortable earphones I've ever worn though is that they are forward facing -a bit like these ones here .

Unfortunately the band on those can't be removed so they're no good.

So, what about the Philips SHE9600?
Are they any good?
Are they designed to be pushed right into the ear, completely sealing it like the Sennheiser noise cancelling earphones?
If so they're no good for me.

Is there anything else I should be looking at?

I should add that they need to be the in-ear type as they are mainly for use when running - the over the ear clip ones just get shaken loose after a while.


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Just to update this thread.
After buying and trying several pairs of earphones, I've discovered the only ones I can wear are the forward facing type.

Given a huge choice of 2 :rolleyes: I went for a pair of Sennheiser PMX70.

Overall they're quite good.
Very comfortable which is the most important thing but the sound too is very good.
As I use them in the gym, the fact that they're completely washable is great.

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