Philips Screeneo 2 cuts out


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Hi guys,

I’ve had my Philips Screeneo 2.0 for nearly 4 years and other than having to replace the bulb around 8 months ago I’ve had not issues with it, until now.

Yesterday, shortly after turning the projector on for the first time that day, the projector just cut out; no sound, no picture and fans whirring for a short while. When I took a look at the projector, the lamp bulb was off too. It also did not respond to any remote control commands.

I checked all of the connections and they were ok and we turned off any sleep/ auto shut down settings but we still had issues.

I tried it again today but this time logged how long things were going for and the projector was on for 27 minutes before cutting out and then was off for nearly 8 minutes. The next time the screen came on, it was only on for another 90 seconds before cutting out for nearly 8 minutes again.

We seem to be stuck in this cycle now where the projector is pretty much unusable.

Has anyone had this issue before or know what I can do to sort it? Or is it the end of the road for the projector?

Thanks in advance!

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