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Philips scoops EISA awards for wireless music centre and new LCD technology

Discussion in 'News' started by John Archer, Sep 1, 2005.

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    John Archer

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    The European Imaging & Sound Association (EISA) has named Philips’ new Streamium Wireless Music Center ‘European Audio Compact System Of The Year, 2005-2006’, and given its ‘European Video Innovation Of The Year, 2005-2006’ to Philips’ ClearLCD™ technology, an image enhancement system developed for next generation Philips LCD FlatTV™ sets.</p><P>The Streamium Wireless Music Center, WACS700, is an audio system capable of storing up to 750 audio CDs, converting them into MP3 music files to store on a 40 gigabyte hard disk. The system can then stream stored music via Wi-Fi to up to five Streamium Wireless Music Station units located throughout the home. </P><P>This was noted by the EISA Awards judges, who stated in their official citation that: “Stored songs become available on demand, individually and collectively, to multiple wireless music players anywhere in the home. This eliminates the traditional inflexibility and complication of ‘wired’ multiroom systems,” adding that: “…The WACS700 looks good, sounds good – and there’s nothing else quite like it on the market.”</P><P>ClearLCD, meanwhile, is to be introduced commercially on Philips FlatTV sets in 2006, and is expected to revolutionise LCD picture quality as Philips’ revolutionary Aptura™ backlighting technology enables extreme motion sharpness, superior contrast in dark scenes and a wider viewing angle. </p><P>In its award citation, EISA noted that: “Consumers are growing to love the slim profile and crisp pictures of the latest LCD TVs, even though LCD panels have traditionally suffered motion artefacts and a ‘lack of black’. Now Philips has tackled both issues head-on with its new Clear LCD technology.”

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