Philips SBC HD1500 Wireless Headphone System


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Does anyone know if this set has been released in the UK yet, and if so, where I can get it from?



BAD Dave

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Due late April, I think.
I want to see it reviewed alongside the Pioneer DIR 880 Dolby Headphone unit.
It will be tough choice, hopefully!


Looks interesting, although personally, I would not buy Philips products ever. They tend to feature good technology and what have you, but their reliability, for me at least, has been diabolical.

I want to see the DIR1000 over here...

BAD Dave

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I would also prefer to see Pioneer Dolby Headphone products in UK. Good reviews.

I asked Pioneer UK about it and they told me they had no plans to introduce them (problem is, I can't remember whether we were talking about DIR 1000 or 800!).


You can always get them from BAD Dave. They come with a voltage adapter if I remember correctly.

I ordered my Sony MDR-CD3000's from audiocubes, and they arrived within a fortnight from Japan. Good service.

BAD Dave

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Has anybody bought the Philips HD1500 Dolby Headphone unit yet?
Any reviews?
How does it compare to thePioneer 800C?


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I have purchased the Philips SBCHD1500 Cordless Headphones from (£239)

All i can say!

Without a doubt the best wireless headphones i have ever heard (digital RF, so no hiss at all and you can use them 100m away) and easily the best surround headphones.

The build quality is excellent. Everything is of a very high quality, and to tune the headphones in, you use press tune and thats it. Even when you change the batteries, you do not need to retune.

You get 2 sets of Rechargable batteries. You charge then inside the amp, so you charge one, and then use them in the headphones. While your using these the others are charging.

The amp is good. 2 outputs for 2 sets of headphones on the front, digital (coax) and analogue connections. Also, there is digital out and analogue out (for connecting to a home cinema amp, which is cool).

The usual dolby headphone settings, DH1, DH2, DH3, Night mode, DPLII Music, Movie, Etc.

Well, your thinking, how do these sound?

Well, i also have a pair of Sony MDRS3000 DTS/DD headphones, and the philips just blow these out the water. I have also tried the pioneer ones, which were a little better than the sonys, but the philips ones are just awesome!

I have tested using Fast and the Furious (DTS) and Hellboy DVDs (DD).

Sounds do come from the front of you and from the rear (especially on Hellboy), there is no hiss at all, whatever the volume, and they sound incredible. No wonder they got a great review from all the UK mags.

The bass is awesome! its like you have a good subwoofer installed, and the bass is very tuneful too. I tried some DTS music cds and they sound awesome.

I highly recommend these headphones. The sonys are £140, these are £240. Worth the extra £100?

YES YES YES! Buy Now! you will thank me!


Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Dolby Digital 5.1 Headphones


Sony MDR-DS8000 Cordless® Digital Surround Headphone

FG-1 Free Systems Grado LE


I bought the HD1500 via eBay and when i received it, the right ear-shelve was allready broken in the box. I tried to fix it with glue, but that didn't work. I'm affraid that my money is gone...but: the unit itself is still ok, so:

I saw that there are two outputs for other headphones. I don't know what to do with those...

does this mean that I can put any other headphone unit in those? Also wireless? Or do they have to be with wire?? Do they need to be expensive digital headphones???

I really don't know, can anyone please help me with this???


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