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I've read some threads on here about how this remote doesn't live upto expectations especially the lack of pc programming support. However all I want it for is basic functions to control a TV, DVD player with ALL it's functions so I can replace the remote (an Arcam) and replace the rather bizare Toppy TF5800 remote.... which is the primary reason for getting this. I need bigger & easier to see & use buttons. Is it possible to program this device to replicate a Toppy & Arcam remote & name the buttons to your choice?

It would also be a bonus if it could control other devices like my Hi-Fi (CD/SACD (select tracks etc) & amp)

The Wi-Fi part is not really an issue just a bonus.

I've seen this cheap which is why I'm considering it & so far not totally enamered by Logitech remotes..... The buttons just don't seem laid out well & one has to navigate through menu's for more sophisticated control. I nearly put an order in tonight before I'd read some feedback!


how much have you seen it for? i'm toying between this and the harmony 1000


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Less than the Harmony! About £170
However I've read some comments from other Forums and it does not sound like a good piece of kit.... more a waste of money unless you just want it to do simple things that most remotes do.

For ex. You can't change text on buttons so if there is a button you require that is not listed you have to choose one from the *Philips* set & give it the button code... but it will say whatever button you have chossen!
(so it could say -Play- when you want it to say -stop- !)

Also the screens are pre-configured with a set amount of buttons so if you need more your stuffed, unless you configure another screen with meaningless button names & if you need less they can't be removed!

There's no set-up save mode (can't be saved to pc) so if the batteries die memory is lost or so it seems from what I have read.

On first look it does look like a very nice piece of kit but it does not have the versatility of the Logitech 1000, even if it does allow you to wirelessly stream music to your Hi-Fi. The Philips Pronto 940/50/60 series are much better remotes.


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You can buy it for half that price from many US sellers these days.

Got me curious.



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Hmm would that be new? How do you get on with the charger as it would be a US adaptor?

Also if importing likely to get stung for customs but I still guess that would be less than buying here.


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The US model comes with a US 2pin 110v-240v wall charger, all you need to use it is a US to UK plug adapter. You can download European software to replace the US version.

It will control just about anything but it is NOT customisable in the way that a Pronto or Harmony is. It uses pre-defined controls and button layouts on a series of 'pages'. You can utilise some user definable buttons for functions that are not in the RC9800i's database but you have to scroll through a number of pages to get to them.

For simple commands you might find that you may need only on or two pages but for less commonly used commands you will spend a lot of time scrolling back and forth. Despite numerous calls from disgruntled owners for a customisable interface, Philips did not make changes to the software.

The WiFi aspects of the unit are hampered by the Philips Media Manager (PMM) software which is 'buggy'. Quite often the RC9800i will not find the computer it is linked to for streaming and only reinstalling PMM will fix it.

The downloadable EPG is really just a gimmick, it is not always up to date, it doesn't fit the screen properly. it's tedious to set up and is superfluous because Sky/Freeview/Virgin etc. have their own, much better EPG's which are viewable on your TV.

Take a look on the Remote Control Central or Philips' own Streamium Cafe websites and you will find out why this remote is a dud.

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