Philips RC9800i in england


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Sep 30, 2005
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Anybody any idea when the rc9800i is coming out in england? is it any good?

Your thoughts please


Steamo :clap:
No idea but the god news is that I purchased the model in the USA for $399 i.e. £ 221 and really thought I would pick up problems with all the hype about different IR codes etc etc. It was delivered at a cost of $60 and it works like an absolute dream. Had no problem with any of the IR signals on all my Arcam equipment and satelitte equipment. This is purely AV control and doesnt expand to lights, aircon, alarms etc. Just the basic AV equipment. The only downside that I noticed is that there are sometimes command buttons on the remotes (OK fairly obscure like lip sync, etc etc) which would be nice to add onto the 9800i under the item selecte. They do give 8 additional user keys per equipment item but you can edit the name from 1,2,3,4 etc to something that makes a bit more sense. So far had it for 3 days and been very happy.
Seems it should be in any day now, am still not very clear on how much it can or can't do, with regard to controling MCE PC, the EPG etc. Anyone know?

Philips claim that the US version is quite different to the US model too


I'm a few clicks away from buyin this remote....
But its a lot of money and so I hope you'll be able to help


You've had the remote for few weeks now - any more feedback? How is one handed operation?
Is the US version different to the UK version? What about the power supply etc?
Where did you buy it?
Can it control IR light dimmer switches ok?

If anyone else has any feedback on this new kid on the block i'd really apreciate it.
Apologies for the dealy. The unit has really been operating well considering my trepidations about buying the US model. No problem with the power supply as they did have a 230V option. It really is a two handed remote although once you get used to it, one hand is an option but I am always scared of dropping it. I believe that it doesn't operate lighting etc as I mentioned earlier. The only drawback is really the limited macro's. These cant be designed by yourself and pretty reliant on factory settings. That means you may have a number of screens and buttons that you just arent going to use. Also you may have a personal preference for having certain buttons on certain screens and these cannot be changed. Altogether I am pretty happy.

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