Philips PW9607/Panasonic 66PL30


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Sep 20, 2002
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I'm currently updating my television form 28" to 36". I've got amp, speakers, dvd player etc. so don't really need a television with built in surround. So I was originally considering the Panasonic 36PL30.

However the forum seems generally in favour of the Philips 36PW9607 for picture quality and this is backed up by many of the AV magazines. hificonfidential is selling the panny for £1300 and the Philips for another £150.

So is it worth paying the extra £150 even though I don't need the extra processing in order to get a (percieved) improvement in picture quality?
Has quite stripped sounds, and I use AMP 5.1.
I've heard that Philips is making some monitor only type TV's near future for AMP users.. That's fair..

You can now buy the equivalent of the 9607 without DD. Can't remember the code number, but they do exist. go for it, PP is awesome.
The problem with that model is that I think it's only 32". I really want a 36".

I'm willing to look at other 36" models if anyone has alternative suggestions?
I'm sure there are 28", 32" and 36" PP nicam sets available - check the Philips website. should be something like 36PW95?7
Sure, It's 36" what I got..
ööhhm.. Philips PW9527 I mean. Wouldn't change it to anything else ! Outstanding, perfect picture on every source (but NTSC haven't tested..)..
Weird thing.. You can just "watch" the picture, with a silly grin on Your face.. no matter what's on tv.. ! just between U and me !
Please let us know if you find one. I didn't think one existed in the 36" range without surround sound but with PP.
Core seems to think he has one, but he is in Finland - maybe the 36" version isn't in the UK yet. Certainly Philips seem to be struggling to make enough of them to satisfy demand.

I have seen 9607s in Curry's and Powerhouse, but silly prices - about £2k.
Philips 36PW9527 bargain here in finland last week was £1578.58. most expencive was 1770.48 in one store..

Dealer told me that usually finland has 5-7 weeks queue for PW9527, because mid-european bye all them..

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