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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by PeterL, Sep 5, 2003.

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    Hi, just bought a Philips 28PW9308 which includes the infamous PixelPlus.

    I noticed there is a dedicated thread to the problems experienced with this technology. However, my interest is slightly different, hence this separate thread.

    The set I have has an additional MoviePlus mode to overcome some of the original criticisms, but I accept the technology is still not without its faults.

    That said, I am very pleased with what I have seen so far. However, I would be interested to hear from other owners of the latest generation Philips PP sets as to your opinion on the best setup.

    One of the frustrations with the PW9308 is 2 Scarts with just one being RGB. I have overcome this by using a RGB Scart switching box which feeds the daisy chain link from my VCR/Sky Digibox on one input and my DVD on another input, both into the RGB-enabled EXT1 on the TV.

    Quality from the Sky Digibox is variable in that I find the TV (which replaced a 12 yo 4:3, so I am seeing a big difference here) on some of the Sky channels really shows up the lack of bandwidth and shows up digital artefacts which I just didn't notice on my old TV. BBC on Sky is much better, but even that is not without some artefacts at closer inspection.

    Playing DVD's though is a different matter. The likes of Toy Story and Monsters Inc look stunning. Star Wars II did as well, although some shots looked almost too detailed making the characters appear to stand out from the background and look slightly articificial. But generally, the quality is fantastic.

    So my question, given the above, is what do you find the best setup with the different inputs?

    Do you only use EXT1 (RGB) or do you use EXT2 (non-RGB) as well? If so, for what?

    Do you always use PixelPlus (or MoviePlus) or do you disable these in favour of standard 100Hz or double-lines with some sources?

    What about the "Personal" setup. What settings (e.g. contrast, brightness etc) do you use for this?

    Finally, I'm a little confused over the picture modes partly due to the sparsity of information in what is quite a poor manual. Auto Format seems to imply that it is the mode you should use for the TV to automatically switch to the right format depending on the source, but the manual suggests this just maximises the picture to fill the screen therefore sometimes clobbering the original aspect ratio. Is Widescreen the mode I should use for all non-4:3 sources (i.e. from Sky and my DVD player)?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice you can give on the above or any other comments or suggestions you can make.


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