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Philips pw289616 vertical shadow lines

Discussion in 'TVs' started by mrbrennan, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. mrbrennan


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    I few years ago I purchase a Philips 28PW9616 television. From the first day I set it up I noticed a shadow on the screen, the display is fine when the frames are quick but when you get a constant frame like a skyline the lines become very apparent. The shadows appear as a vertical lines approximately two inches in from either side of the set. I am pleased that other people have experienced the same problem as I have started to questions my sanity.

    I asked for the television to be looked at and it was returned to me with a note saying that all readings came back within their ‘recommended settings’. However, the television had become damaged in transit. As a result a new television was sent to me but to my disappointment the ‘shadows’ still appeared. I have had a further two televisions (teletext didn’t work on one, and the colour started bleeding on another) and this one ‘feature’ has been constant on all of them

    I do plan to take this further and contact Philips again to see if they will atleast admit there is a fault with their television set.

    If I get anywhere I will let you know.:confused:
  2. DoogyDawg

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    Nov 27, 2002
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    read the pixel plus sticy atthe top of the forum, this is a well know fault with all philips sets, there is a fix of sorts, which hardly noone seems to know, and trying to get philips to admit it is another thing, read the sticy thread and near the end is the fix, posted by me, as I had it done, but philips say they cant get rid of the bars alltogether.

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