Philips pus8505 vs Samsung+Govee


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Hello. First - lovely forum. Have been reading a lot but now it’s time for me to ask away.
I want to buy a new Tv and i really really love ambilight. Sadly I don’t have budget for Philip Oled Tvs.
While looking at few Philips tvs in the store next to simmilar priced Samsung and Lg ones i noticed a rather big picture quality difference. Philips seemed second tier compared to others. Philips had less contrast,blacks,bit washed out colours etc.
While reading the forum about the model i was interested in (Pus8505 saphi doesn’t have apps inees) i saw a lot of people dissatisfied with image quality but at first i thought it is just about that specific model but now it seems that it extends to many similar sized philips tvs that aren’t oled. Maybe those were all just really bad demo videos at the store, but it’s hard to believe so.
Could that be true or it is really that subjective?
I live in Europe,Latvia. Don’t know if it tells something.
I really like the idea about ambilight but is there a philips tv with it that has really good picture quality(not in oled price range)? Or it can be calibrated to such?
And how much really can be tweaked with the settings/calibration - can it actually come close to picture quality of other brands?
My other option would be to buy Samsung tv and try to add “Govee Immersion” for ‘ambilight’(of course it’s not the same) - maybe somebody has tried that?

a lot of questions in the end but i hope at least some can be answered. Thank you in advance!

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