Question Philips PUS7805 Direct Input Selection Remote Commands

Philips TV Users: Who would like direct input selection remote commands?

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Hi Everyone,

I just recently purchased a 65PUS7805 and I am not really that happy with it to be honest.
I upgraded from a 49 inch LG 1080p TV (non-smart) and aside from the novelty of the increased size, Ambilight and the upgrade to 4k, I am fairly disappointed.
I have noticed a bit of backlight bleeding (see image attached), and HDR content looks 'washed out' and less vibrant compared with SDR content (disappointing).

Aside from these issues, one of the main niggles I have with the TV is the lack of discrete remote commands for input selection (why would they exclude this?!).

I own and have a used Logitech Harmony remotes since 2008, and this is one of the first of many TVs that has given me grief when selecting inputs. I have quite a few devices in my home theatre set up and it's ridiculous that they all work in 'harmony' (apologies for the pun), except the TV.

This all stems from the software. If you plan on using HDMI ARC to have TV tuner/built in app audio fed back to my Denon AV Receiver (AVR-x2200) you need to have HDMI CEC (EasyLink) enabled. However, it seemed this caused the TV, when powered on, to switch to any active source. This doesn’t make sense in my use case, because if I am trying to start an activity such as "Play Xbox" and start up the tv, Xbox and AV receiver (among other smart home commands), the TV would switch to its antenna tuner source or another HDMI source which was active instead of starting on the input where my AVR is the source.

I had to disable all forms of HDMI CEC and ARC and use optical audio out from the TV to get TV tuner audio, and optical out from another STB I own for it to start on the same input as it was on when it was shut off (I leave it on the AVR source since this is the most used by me).

However, if I now want to switch to watch Live TV via the TV tuner, for some strange reason, Philips removed the discrete remote commands for direct source selection to use with my Logitech Harmony remote.

If I want to, again, play Xbox, I want my remote to tell the TV to go to HDMI 2. But this TV does not do that. After being in contact with both Logitech and Philips with this issue, Logitech acknowledged it and said that they have requested commands from Philips but this was not successful, and Philips customer service essentially said they "don’t have these commands and...oh well”. Very frustrating.

While I was happy with the novelty of the Philips Ambilight, the increased resolution and size, I am severely disappointed with the panel backlight (which I did not experience with the LG TV) and with the software/HDMI remote commands (which also worked perfectly with all my previous TVs throughout the years). The lack of remote commands is "the final straw that broke the camels back".

I wish there was a way we could directly contact the Philips software team (again customer service were not very helpful), or if all Philips users on AV forums who have the issue could sign a petition to request discrete input selection, that would be fantastic.


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