Philips Plasma 42PFP5522 Vs Philips LCD 42PFL5522 Vs

Discussion in 'Philips TVs Forum' started by michaelscullion, Sep 15, 2007.

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    so they are both practically the same TV in terms of spec...both Philips, both 42"...etc etc

    which one would you say is better

    • The LCD is higher resolution 1366 x 768 as opposed to the Plasma's 1024 x 768
    • The Plasma has a slightly higher refresh rate of 3ms instead of 5ms

    What would be better for say, 70% Freeview, 20% Xbox 360, 10% DVDs...
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    I have the 42PFP5222 for my xbox 360 over component (for which it doesnt scale 1080p over however over hdmi it will), and I don't like it.

    I feel the pixel plus engine is unoptimized on this set and as such, causes a rapid decline in percieved frame rate to my eyes when things get complex or speed up in games. I particularly notice this in gears of war and stuntman ignition. Some will swear blind im imagining it, but couple this, with Dark reds bleeding into blacks (like on gears of war multiplayer menus) and a few other niggles, and id say this set isnt very ideal for gaming IMO anyway. :/
    However its SD performance is stellar, and DVDs upscaled via the ps3 do look very nice on it indeed :)

    Whatever your using it for really, as you can see by reading around here, im looking to jump to another tv for my gaming needs :/ but cant seem to find solace in the panasonic plasmas due to their green fringing and other issues, and most if not all 1080p lcd's atm are plagued by motion smearing or just other random issues :(

    Hope ive helped you somewhat mate, just my 2 cents.
    At the end of the day, ive read this forum so much ive made my head hurt with so much goods and bads of various sets and am now in such state i dont know what set to go for :p see my thread in the plasma forum :( im one confused individual! lol

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