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Forgive me if this is a duff question, but having considered and rejected a new CRT I thought I'd wait until the plasmas come down to sensible levels. They are nearly there, but is Philips going to introduce its Pixel Plus technology to its plamsa displays? It did actually make a noticeable difference on the CRTs I looked at. If they put it into the plasmas it should be quite something.

Also, do Plasmas get affected by heat? If I put mine on a wall above a radiator is this bad news when the heating goes on?

Basic stuff I know, but I never considered these before I saw how the manufacturers are now slashing the prices.


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The manuals all warn against putting a plasma over a heat source like a radiator or a fireplace :confused: Mine is over the fireplace - although we don't use it very often. Radiators I guess are a different matter.

The likelyhood is that it could shorten the life of the electronics, both through increased heating of air and dust going through the plasma.

Haven't seen pixel plus, and when it is applied to the Philips plasma next year it is worth comparing with the quality of the panny and pioneer, not just the Philips without it.

It is down to personal choice really. Don't get a screen unless you have compared its picture with other makes using a similar source.


I think you confirmed my suspicions. I didn't think it would be a good idea, so I may have to stick to a CRT, at least I'll save some cash!

On the pixel plus side, the salesmen I have spoken to don't know if Philips do have any plans, but I think I'll try Philips themselves, though I doubt they'll reveal future launches to me.

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