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just a follow up to the sony dx50 etc etc

now got a pw9308 storming tv no geometry problems,convergence problems color smear or orther nasty gremlins. i know pixel plus has its problems but i mainly want it for watching movies ive played with the settings and now it works how i want it to. it even handles fast moving stuff with ease the picture quality is amazing i dont get no flicker on trees and stuff as i did with the sonys :clap: the tv may not be to everyones taste but i love it FINALLY a tv thats works properly and is set up well all i can say is WELL DONE PHILIPS!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia 7

So glad you got a good one vegaphil. I am totally besotted with my PW9618 I bought a couple of weeks ago. It's more than I hoped for and yes, I agree, WELL DONE PHILIPS!

Last year Philips was almost a dirty word, as some members had problems, maybe we are fortunate to get them this year when perhaps the gremlins have been banished from their sets!


I have puchased the 32pw9308 and i am very pleased with it but iwould be interested in your picture settings to compare with mine. Lefty2


hi cynthia & lefty

im so pleased you also like your tv :clap: i find the the active control set to max works best and and picture set to natural.
i use pixel plus for just watching tv programmes but use movie plus for dvds as this does work best. also the tv is in auto format i have to say now i feel relaxed when watching my tv and now im not looking 4 faults or problems the pixel plus takes a bit of getting used to but try monsters inc it will blow u away:smashin:



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Just to revive this thread.....

I have just bought a 9308, and I found that the auto format does not work properly! It seems to over egg everything. Sky sports for example (which is widescreen, it zoomed so much that i could not see all the news flashes at the bottom of the screen!

Have I done something wrong?

Also, what are ALL your setting please....I am pleased with the picture (sometime) but at times it does look as if a fine mesh is over peoples faces!

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