Philips Pixel+ palsma any good?


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Know a little but not alot !!

I am thinking about buying a plasma and have about 3500 to spend. Increased detail is more important to me than contrast.
Ive seen the Philips 9965 palsma on demo using philips DVD player and it did look good apart from some horizontal bars on the screen which disappeard when a Tosh 330 was used instead with scart(RGB).

1. Has anyone got one and is it any good?
2. Whats it like when compared to the PIO 434 or Panny 6 series
3. Or should i buy the 37 inch sharp LCD instead.

I do know the Pixel number (resolution) on the panny is much lower than the other 2.

Some advice please!

I mainly intend to attach it to my Tosh 330 and Thomson free view box

Thanks AZ


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You will find most on this forum do not rate the Philips.
I'm not quite sure why as I've seen the 9965's in action and think they are very good.
However the Panny's are also very good and get good reviews and good feedback on this forum.
This is why I edged towards the Panny.
As for definition, although on paper the Philips should be much better that the Panny in reality this is not really the case.
Just my thoughts, but I feel for you making a decision is not easy when your spending that sort of money.
To be honest I think they are that close, that what is going at the best price is probably the best.


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WHATVIDEOTV recently stated that the philips was not bad, but the pixel+ actually degraded the picture.
I personally have not seen one in a shop that was as good as a Panasonic / Hitachi / Pioneer, but a few people do like them.



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A friend of mine ihas bought one (42inch phillips 9965) and i will let you know how good it is?. It arrives this week but he bought it from POWERHOUSE for over £4000 with a philips cinema system with a 5 disk cd changer (in the the price).

For a high street retailer the manager was able to offer a discount of 10% and he was very friendly 2 and garanteed delivery.

My own personnel feeling is that there seems to be more reliability issues with plasmas than with LCD but of course you have to sacrifice size if you plunge for LCD unless you have more money than sence. These issues are still bugging me




I had the 42PF9965 for 1 month, these are my comments:

1 - Some banding sometimes (not disturbing).
2 - Great crisp picture when Pixel Plus is on and good signal, Compared to Pioneer 434, the philips with Pixel Plus on, gives much better picture (this is my own opinion, I have compared the two before I did my purchase), more details, better colours (no colour bleed), higher resolution, more sharp. BUT with noisy footage, DO NOT HAVE PIXEL PLUS ON !!!



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Thanks all for your comments;

My friends arrived and yes there is banding (horizontal lines <0.5cm appart all the way across the screen? is this bading?)

However we changes the leads and still no joy then instead of his all in one phillips amp with the system i attached a tosh 330 and the bacding was hardly noticeable.

He called an engineer out and they told him his phillips home cinema with built in amp was working within tolerace and they had to bl**dy cheek to re-connect it to scart3 on the back of the tuner which is not rgb.

Where do they get these people from?

Yes if you want 3D immages then pixel plus is best; if it were for not the banding, but i think this is the DVD player and not the TV itself as turning P+ off made no difference and no banding with none DVD sources.



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I saw it in Dixons twice recently and despite being set up with a basic DVD and freebie scart cable, the picture looked incredible.

I am a big fan of PixelPlus and the depth to the picture that it can provide.

I'll stick it second behind the Pioneer 434 and just above the Panasonic PW6 as my favourite plasma.

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