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Hi, I've got a Philips PW6.....* widescreen tv and was wondering how other people with this, or a similar model, have set up the picture and sound settings. Currently I have the colour on 60, brightness on 45, contrast on 100 and sharpness on 100. The treble is set to 100 and the bass is on 70. Should I change the settings? Thanks.

* sorry, can't remember the model.


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Although I have a Philips 9617, I must say that your contrast setting seems much too high, try lowering it. Obviously a lot depends on personal preference. To calibrate a TV properly a good investment would be a DVD like the Ultimate DVD Platinum which takes you through a series of tests to optimize picture and sound. Have a look here to buy it. (It works out at around £10)

Good luck! :)


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I agree with rct - the contrast is too high. I also think the brightness is high at 45. I have it at 20 - don't go higher than 25 or the blacks become washed out. Set contrast at about 75. The low brightness may make the picture look dark to you at first but persevere. The lower settings will bring out much more detail, and blacks will be true black, not grey. I used the AVIA DVD to calibrate my set, and the tests almost always suggest much lower settings than many people would imagine and always lower than the default factory settings.

Sharpness is much more personal preference, but I have it turned off completely. This works on a pixel plus set like my 9607. At high sharpness levels you get a horrible edge effect on objects - at least I think it horrible.

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Thanks rct & philipb I will take your comments about the contrast on board and lower the setting. ;)

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