Philips PFL7605H or Sony EX402

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i want a display for gaming in the 1st place
im currently on a pana 42s20e,which has phosphor lag (some can see that some dont,i do)and smearing/doublecontures
which is extremely bad (on RE5 especially) it has 16 ms input lag.
i cant decide between the two stated in the headline,i read different good and bad things about both
the Philips PFL7605H has sharp motion but produces artifacts as a few tests are stating (less than tests that dont state that)
can anyone confirm that? and how much ms input lag does it have?

the Sony EX402 is supposed to have a sharp motion picture too,but its a 50hz tv,how bad is that for gaming?
since i dont like when the aliasing is extremely visible and i play with my 360 on 60hz which i want to keep,
the sony is also missing alot of features which the philips has.
also how much input lag des the EX402 have?
can anyone help to decide? im going nuts looking everyday for hours the in the net

or which newer/other lcd /led-lcd than these two are good enough for what my preferences are (sharp motion with no motion blur,doublecontures,smearing,rainbow effect,artifacts,low input lag 0-10ms wuld be beautiful)

im happy about any opinion/suggestion
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