Philips PF9965 - picture settings for football

I have just bought a Philips PF9965 plasma with pixel plus. Picture quality for most broadcasts from sky+ via a good quality scart lead is very good. Football on the other hand is blurred, the players have a fuzzy edge around them and is difficult to watch. I have tried various combinations of settings on the display but none are satisfactory. Can someone please advise me what to do. :lease:


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try these:

Contrast - 67
Brightness - 55
Colour - 72
Sharpness - 2
Tint - Normal
Digital Options - MoviePlus
Dynamic Contrast - MIN
Colour Enhance - ON
Active Control - OFF


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or this?

brightness - 49 (low to eliminate backgound noise)
contrast - approx 60
colour - approx 60
pixel plus - on
sharpness - aound 2


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I am also having trouble with image quality but with DVD disks.
I keep getting a shadow streek...(it is like a memory lag where a head moves but the image is smeared).
It is more vivid with old disks. Tried both Scart-RGB and Component. No change.
When I play the same DVDs on a laptop connected to the VGA input ther is no problem.
Any ideas ?
Has your dvd player got progressive scan - if so are settings correct. Not trying to teach you how to suck eggs but have you set progressive scan on tv settings when watching a dvd. I have my sony davs 550 connected via component video in ext 5 and the picture is superb.

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