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Hello there.
Am in the market for buying a new 32" TV and have narrowed it down to two prospectives based on price, various reviews I've read and a couple of very quick demo's. These are the Philips 32PW9509 and the Toshiba 32ZP48.

I'm starting my system from scratch again and only have a PACE Twin Digital Tuner at the moment as input. (DVD, receiver etc all taken care of later). I understand the Philips has no component input but according to a couple of reviews has a better pic due to the Pixel Plus 2.

I guess what i'm asking is if anyone has any horror stories about either of these screens or any other recommendations given the price (£700ish online)?



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I had until recently had a 32zp48 and it is an excellent television.I also had a good demo of the philips and found the picture processing[pp2] a little overbearing.If you can, get a demo of both as everybody sees things differently.


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I have a 32PW9509 and I am not very impressed with it. Unless you have an extremely good soure the Pixel Plus 2 system seems to cause further pixelation IMHO. Apart from this, if you do a search on the forum as suggested above you will see that the majority of them suffer from 'Dirty screen' syndrome and various other tube related problems. Mine is being returned as it also has a white line down the middle of the screen which is particularly noticeable on fast moving sports action. This is a problem with 100Hz TV's but I think the Philips seems to suffer from it more than most from what I've read.

I have looked a few 9509's on display in shops and if you select a source which has no input (side AV is always a safe bet) to get the blue screen you can generally see the variations in colour/contrast over the screen which cause the 'dirty screen' effect. I haven't found a display model yet without the dreaded white line which mine suffers from. Something to look at when doing demos at least.

I will probably be taking a close look at the ZP48 when I eventually get the Philips returned and refunded so let us know how you get on.


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