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Philips or Hisense?


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Hi Guys,

I am in the market for a new TV, I missed out on the RU 8000 which was a perfect tv for me. (ps4 gamer). Right now I need suggestions below 500 euros. below are the ones I found to be matching my current situation. Which one would be better and could you please add if there are any other options? Planning to buy from Ireland. Thanks in advance.



Very slim pickings now as the recommended 2019 models have sold out leaving a mix of overpriced 2020 models, and TVs from 2019 that aren't recommended.

If you can buy at a later time it would be much wiser, I'd recommend Black Friday 2020 for the first time to see some good deals, but possibly spring 2021 to see the very best.

As for a TV used for gaming. Its a bit more complicated than it once was. The good thing is almost every TV you buy today for gaming has low enough input lag. Gone are the days of worrying about input lag on TVs being higher.

The bad thing though is really with HDR. Most games now are made with HDR and to display HDR you need to spend a lot more money on a TV. Cheaper TVs that have HDR on the box cannot display it without problems. At least though, for those who can't afford to spend more money on a capable HDR TV (usually at least £900-1000) you can still turn off HDR on the console and play games in SDR.

The other thing to decide on is panel type. With a limited budget you have to choose which strengths and which weaknesses you prefer. Decide based on your own personal preferences, but also the location and conditions you use the TV in. A general rule is to shop for a TV using an IPS panel if you like the picture to look good during the day and with lights on, and you play fast games and want the least amount of motion blur. IPS panels also have good viewing angles.

But on the other hand, if you want a TV to play when its dark, or dim and you don't feel you mind motion blur that much, a TV using a VA panel is going to give you very good picture quality. VA panels have poorer viewing angles and must only be viewed directly in front.
See Which panel type should I choose for my TV? for more detail and to decide.

My advice is to decide on the type of panel before picking out TVs.

From richersounds.ie this is best value right now for VA:

and this for IPS:


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Hi @Dodgexander

Thanks again. I have read most of your guides. That's how I got rid of LG, because of IPS. Are you sure the 50 inch philips also has an IPS? Planing to get an oled as main tv on black Friday or later. Till then I need a tv, that's why below 500. Richer has the b9 for 1200, but I play fifa and am worried about burnin, so I thought I would buy another tv mainly for gaming as well as movies mainly in a room where there is not much light. I know it's just 2 months away, still for the time being is the hisense my best bet?
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Sloppy Bob

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I wouldn't be bothered about Dolby Vision as at the price point you're looking at no TV is going to be able to display any form of HDR well, sticking DV on it is purely a box-ticking marketing exercise.

All new TV's do HDR, but only upper midrange ones have the technology required to show it off. Lower range models really should not be used, where possible, with HDR content as all that happens is the entire screen backlight gets bright rather than the local area that needs the brightness.


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Okay. Thanks. Understood. but the direct backlight on the Philips will make a difference? Which one will be a better choice? I have seen here the xg being recommended in many threads. afaik its a 2019 model. Will that be better than Philips?

This will be an IPS, right?

Sloppy Bob

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The XG that's recommended is the 49XG9005 or the 55XG9505

The one you've picked is much lower down the range and not suitable for HDR content.

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