Philips OLED Line UP The Smart Choice ?


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I have been trying to get my head around Philips OLED line up. Have I got this correct?

804 has been replaced by the 854 and other than the feet the TV are identical. Both sets us the latest P5 Pro Picture.
The 803 model has been replaced by the 754 series both having the older P5 image processing.

So would you would expect then 803 and 804 to discounted heavily for Black Friday to shift the last of the old stock?

Have I got the model changes correct?



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Aren't they all running alongside each other? Usually you get two versions of the same TV just with different stands for convenience, also I think the 754 is their budget oled.


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Yeah 804 and 854 are both new models just with different stands. The 754 is a new model same features as the 804/854 EXCEPT it uses the 2018 processor and has a different smart TV system.

803 is of course last years model. You'll be hard pressed to buy that new now.
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