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There are reported issues with the volume level not showing and i have interference via headphone to rca out.
Hello everyone!! I bought the Philips OLED 936 65 inch TV when it first came out. And now I noticed today that there are dead pixels on the screen as a vertical line. I think it's only been 1 year since I bought it. It suddenly appeared, I don't understand how it happened. It continues as a solid line from top to bottom, and only appears in certain colors, such as blue and green.

It's still under warranty, it hasn't been damaged or had any electrical faults whatsoever. Has anyone experienced such a problem before? This was their top model flagship TV, so I paid a lot of money for it at that time. Since the warranty is still valid, I definitely want a replacement, not a repair etc. Would they do this? Has anyone experienced this before?

I would be so happy if you guys can help me or share your experiences with me, this really made me so sad right now...


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Try a pixel refresh.
I once had a vertical green stripe (1 or 2 pixels wide) on an LG OLED G6 when I first set it up (from new). I contacted the retailer immediately and was told it does sometimes happen but usually goes away quickly. Not sure I believed them but at least I'd registered the issue, fortunately (and surprisingly) it did disappear after a couple of hours and never came back. If the refresh didn't work then contact the retailer/manufacturer ASAP, if it is in warranty they need to deal with it. Don't risk any delays, just report it and let them deal with it, you can't do anything (in my humble opinion) and why take the risk.

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