Philips OLED 854 doesn't like my home theatre system


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Hey everyone,

A long shot but maybe somebody has a clue how to solve an issue that I've spent a full day trying to fix, to no avail:

I can't get sound out of my home theatre system AND control it using HDMI-CEC (easylink) at the same time.

My receiver (DENON 1910) is linked to my TV (Philips OLED 854) via an HDMI (for image) and digital optical fibre for audio (as it's quite old, HDMI ARC is not supported). However, in the TV audio settings:
  • when I select the option "use HDMI speakers", easylink control works, BUT sound comes from the main TV speakers. The receiver shows no sings of receiving any audio signal
  • when I select the option "turn speakers off", the receiver recognises the type of audio that is sent to it and sends that to my speakers perfectly BUT I can't control it using easylink
I read that option 1 should automatically turn the in-built speakers off when it detects a home theatre system - which makes me think it's not detecting it - but then obviously this is not true because in option 2 it works.

I'm quite confident all TV settings (enable multichannel audio, enable easylink control, disable ultraHD output) and receiver settings (input signal is auto, output signal is digital, to speakers) are correct, so if anyone has any ideas, or has a recommendation about a good place to ask my question, please please share!

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