Philips OLED 806 48" what extent of issues can I expect with my kit?


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I would like to buy a Philips OLED 806 48 but I am worried that it will be the wrong decision due to all these bugs. Primary goal is picture quality and future proofing (120hz content, Dolby Vision, HDR10+).
It would be partnered with a Playstation 5 (so HDMI 2.1 on 120hz is important) and a Panasonic 4k DP820EB Blu Ray player. I just want to watch 4k films from the player and play games in 4k and at 120hz where possible. I have no interest in films online or any tv channels or online content. Just the PS5 and Panasonic output.
I don't have space for a surround sound system, so will play the sound through the tv and perhaps attach a DAC to the optical out of the TV to play sound through my hifi at some stage. Surround sound can come later.
I have read a lot about all of the issues people are having, but the TV seems to have a great pic vs what the same money can get from Sony, Panasonic etc.
Given how this will be used, am I in for a nightmare or are the issues limited more to things like Apple TV ,Netflix etc?
Its a big purchase for me, so your help would be much appreciated.
cheers, Julian


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Should be fine for Blu-ray disc playback.

The PS5 is a primarily a 4K 60hz device, it only supports 120hz on a handful of games and these games mostly drop to 1080p internal resolution which it then outputs as 1080p 120hz or 4K 120Hz were supported, otherwise it stays in 4K 60hz mode.

Philips 806 uses mediatek chipset which has some limitations and for the 806 you get
  • 4K 120hz with HDMI-VRR but half vertical resolution which will result in a softer picture (60hz not affected).
  • 4K 120hz no HDMI-VRR or ALLM but full resolution.

See instructions on enabling the full resolution monitor mode.

Given the PS5 does not support HDMI-VRR and only uses 120fps on a very small number of games, the 4K 120hz full resolution mode should work out for you as your only using it for gaming so the ALLM (auto game mode) is not needed either.

Should PS5 get HDMI-VRR at some point you can use the regular game mode with HDMI-VRR the image will be soft with some loss of resolution but its only when 120hz is used, Playstation doesn't work like PC or Xbox which use 120hz all the time.

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