Philips OLED 805 owners thread


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I can't see one of these threads for the 805. I have had it since release and love the TV itself, my only frustration is the lip sync issues with my sound bar when using external devices. Does anyone use Pure Cinema mode, if so what for?


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No lip sync issues, but since purchasing (4 weeks ago) can see terrible visual noise on screen, any background to movies in any format 4k, dolby vision HDR etc always has awful picture noise in, this is via the native streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and also connected Hardware like an Apple TV 4K. The image I have added is from Rise of Skywalker, 4K Dolby Vision. I have to apply the maximum setting to reduce it, but it never fully goes away...the background and sometimes skin tones on people just out of main focus have the issue.... anyone else who own an 805 having this issue?


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I think there could be a little noise on Star Wars, though I’d have to check again. Besides that, I can’t say I’ve noticed on anything else. Again I’d have to check and let you know.

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