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Does anyone have any knowledge of the PHILIPS LX3750 all in one system - this is a home theatre system that uses wireless rear speakers. I really do not have an option of running wire to the back of my living room, so I either have to make do with front speakers only, which I'm sure you'll all agree really isn't an option, or go with wireless. Anybody used wireless, and if so, are they any good? Finally, any suggestions best way to connect up this system to Panasonic PL1 t.v. Sky+, Panasonic E30, Sony Video - I have no spare scarts available, however, I'm not looking to use the Philips DVD part of the system as I already have the E30.

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I bought the LX3750 last month from Dixons for£349. They seem to have an exclusive on this so its not any cheaper anywhere on the web as far as I'm aware. I'm no aficiando of sound but its impressive enough, although for some the sub is underpowered at 50W. Picture is also up there - as good as my Sony. RGB scart - no component output. As far as wireless is concerned, it is not perfect as interference from other sources (very) occasionlly gives a crackle to the rear sound, but if you don't live in a block of flats with everyone around you hoovering etc. you should be OK. The option of switching to another frequency is available on the transmitter. The lack of wires going from front to back of the room was this systems major selling point for me. The only other wireless system I was aware of was Sony's flagship Dav 10000000 or something which cost a lot more. Another option which I've read about was Artcoustic's flat speaker wire which is designed to be stuck to the wall and painted, but I don't know if it would look invisible. Don't know about the other stuff you mention but I'm pretty sure you can connect SKY+ and get 5.1 but I've read you may need an adaptor. If you go to Philips web site and do a search you can download the manual in pdf, although bear in mind it gives the US version which has NTSC progressive scan



It's a cracking piece of kit! (IMHO)!!
Had one since not long after launch as we moved house & my Mrs didn't want the cables front of house to back. Be aware that you'll obviously need a power point for the receiver and (as I only found out once I'd bought the thing) it has COAX only IN for the digital input (so no no optical in from the Xbox, grr!) but you do have optical OUT. It'll never blow the windows out volume & bass wise but (what all in one will?) is way more than adequate for our modestly sized room (approx 18 x 18ft) and is capable of upsetting the neighbours at full vol'. The sound separation is again very good with planes, helicopters, bullets etc coming at you from all angles. I had a JVC THA9R prior to this and am more than happy with the swap.
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