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Philips LCD remote compatibility with DTR500

Discussion in 'Philips TVs Forum' started by DRowe, May 9, 2005.

  1. DRowe


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    I purchased a Philips DTR500 receiver and 14PF7846/12 LCD TV last week.

    Being from the same manufacturer I had hoped to be able to use just one remote. The Freeview receiver instructions say that this should be the case, but it does not seem to work in practice.

    I tried to change the default Receiver remote channel from 39 to 38 to see if this worked, but an error in the user manual led to me locking myself out of the receiver! Thankfully, this forum came to my rescue and gave the correct codes to reset the remote to 39!

    I haven't retried the change to remote channel 38 as I don't won't to lock myself out again. The receiver is great, but Philip's customer support was hopeless and had no clue about this.

    Are the TV and receiver remotes incompatible - can anyone help??

    Also have a Sony DGX500 which is a joy to use and has a programmable remote that I can use with my JVC telly!

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