Philips LCD HDMi to HDMi/DVi ok RCA to RCA not - Freeview box


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I have a philips lcd with DVI input with the new goodmans upscaling box attached to it.

I used a HDMi to HDMi cable with a DVi convertor = picture is perfect :), i can watch this when selecting either DVi or HDCP on my lcd..

Now as I don't have HDMi to HDMi (DVi) I need to get the sound preferably out of the TV speakers.

Freeview RCA output to LCD RCA input sound only works when I choose HD on my LCD - I then have no picture, but sound from LCD...

If I run the Freeview RCAs to my tuner/amp (which i don't want to do), then the sound is fine - which tells me my Freeview box is outputting sound fine.

I am stumped.. Ideas??? - Alternatively anyway of using a scart lead with the pins removed so only sound comes through to the LCD?

Thanks in advance.



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Most audio in's on a TV are associated with a PC VGA input BUT in the menu you can often change this from VGA to DVI. On my TV the audio in is shared between VGA, HDMI 1&2, but I have to change this in the menu.

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