Philips LCD 30PF9975, sound delay ??



Just about to buy one of these sets.

Can anyone tell me if there is any delay/lip synch problems when connecting this through a dolby digital amp.

I have read that plasmas and LCD's take a while to process the picture so would the sound and pic be out of synch.

Any info please !!!!


I have a new Sony home theatre and I have this panel and have not seen any permanent lipsynch delays...I have noticed some channels with a slight problem esp Sky but this has always been with poor reception and all other channels are affected in some way. With DVD and VHS playback there is absolutely no such affect. IMHO these sort of problems are source related and not a panel design shortfall. I don't believe that the industry would develop a product with such poor inherent characteristics and performance as you suspect.

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My Phillips 17PF9945 does have a few frames of delay due to the deinterlacing, however the audio outputs on the set have the appropriate amount of delay on them to compensate.


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So you use the outputs from the tv into your av amp?

If so how does this work for you?


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