Philips Hue Sync Box turning on by itself (voltage change related?)


Hi all,

I've had a Hue Sync Box for about 2 months now and have had this ongoing, extremely annoying issue where the Hue Sync Box turns on by itself, and consequently turns my TV on as well. This happens almost every time I operate any electrical appliances or sockets in the flat. Yesterday the sync box even turned on when someone rang my doorbell! It doesn't seem to be affected by operating light switches though.

The setup I have is very simple: XBox One S > Sync Box > Samsung RU8000 TV. I have a soundbar connected to the TV as well, but it doesn't go through the Sync Box.

I've tried everything I could think of to diagnose and fix the issue (e.g. changing HDMI cables, simple in-line HDMI switches, different power outlets, turning off all of the automatic settings on the Sync Box, turning off CEC on the TV, playing with the WiFi setting, different HDMI ports on TV and Sync Box, etc., etc.) but nothing seems to work and it doesn't matter if the TV is on or off. If it's off, the Sync Box will turn on and will also turn my TV on (unless I turn off all of my TVs CEC settings, then just the Sync Box will turn on).

If I disconnect the sync box from the TV, the issue does not occur, which makes me think that small voltage changes in the flat's electrical are trickling down via the TVs HDMI which is causing the Sync Box to turn on for some reason, which also turns my TV on. This is my working theory at least, as there is nothing else I can think of at this point. I have tested my electrical outlets with one of these plug-in testers and there doesn't seem to be a problem.

Only the Sync Box is affected by this. Previously, I had my XBox and an Apple TV connected directly to the TV with absolutely no issues. My soundbar is also connected to the TV and doesn't have any issues.

Because of all of this, what I've had to do is disable CEC on the TV fully, so it doesn't turn on when the sync box turns on (the only setting which I still have 'on' for the Sync Box is the '20 minute HDMI activity' bit, so at least it turns itself back off after 20 minutes, after it turns on). Turning CEC off on my TV is annoying as I've had to go back to using multiple remotes and have had to connect the soundbar via optical (as eARC doesn't work if CEC is off on the TV).

Anyone experience something like this??? Any ideas what I can try in order to fix this or at least figure out exactly what's causing it?


Right....sooo nothing seemed to work, and I did try disconnecting everything but the Sync Box from the TV. I also disconnected the XBox from the Sync Box, so the only connection left was Sync Box to TV. I also tried switching to different HDMI ports on the TV, and again, no luck. The Sync Box kept turning itself on if I operated an electrical outlet in the living room (turning it off and back on).
The one thing I hadn't done up to that point was to actually move the Sync Box to a different location. So I got a long HDMI cable and moved the box away from its previous location, setting it on the living room coffee table (I guess about 1m away or so from where it used to be). Tried the electrical outlet test again a few times didn't turn on! I moved it close to where it used to sit, tried the test again and it turned on. Tried that a few more times with the same result. So, it seems like the box itself was being affected by some sort of electromagnetic interference in the area where I had placed it (or at least it seems that way, don't know what else it could've been at this point).
I ended up relocating the Sync Box about 40 cm to the left of where it used sit and haven't had any issues in the last couple of days. I turned on all of the CEC settings on the TV again and it still seems to be fine. It doesn't turn on by itself when I use other electrical outlets in the flat anymore.....or at least it hasn't done it in the last couple of days!
Hopefully this has fixed the issue once and for all!

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