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Help please! I am upgrading my system later this year and would appreciate some advice with regards to connections. I have a decent set up now, but it’s time to upgrade so I will have: -

QN85B Samsung TV
Q950A Samsung Sound Bar
Nvidia Shield TV Pro
Mac Mini
Philips Hue Gradient LED

My question relates to the Philips Hue. Currently I have the Hue entertainment lighting running through my Mac and play media (movies / etc.) that way. I have Netflix / Prime / IPTV running through the Nvidia Shield TV Pro so don’t get the benefits of the entertainment lighting.

I am thinking of getting the Philips Hue Sync Box. I would connect the Mac Mini and Nvidia Shield to the Sync Box, then presume out to the Soundbar and then the TV.

Questions relate to Audio pass through and sequence of cables? Should I go through the Sync box direct to the TV, then out to the Soundbar? Will DTS / Dolby / Atmos / Etc. passthrough the Sync box from the Mac and Nvidia Shield and output correctly?

Haven’t got a clue so needed some advice. Thanks in advance if you take the time to read and reply.

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The Sync Box is a potential road block in any system where you are trying to support the latest video and audio formats as it always seems to be a little behind the capabilities of source devices.

The Sync Box usually has to be connected Directly to your TV! I see some folk with Source > Sync Box > TV then TV eARC/ARC > Soundbar eARC/ARC.

Keep an eye on the Firmware updates to understand what is currently supported - Hue Sync | Philips Hue


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