Philips Hue Light Bar and GU10 Bulbs help needed


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Hi everyone

im new to this site and to smart tech in the home. ive searched here for this but could find any answers.

This week i have got 2 GU10 smart bulbs and a Light Bar (All Philips Hue).

No problem setting them up etc but was looking for advice. Im using the Hue Hub and Home on Iphone 12. Also use the Hue App to register the Products.

I have the Light Bar set up behind the tv and just 1 bulb is the light socket at the moment, other will be connected when i have solved this (all located in my Bedroom).Both turn off/on when asked to via siri.

Light Bar - named tv light and has been named Tv Bar
Light Bulb - named as bedroom lights

The problem im having is separating the 2 from each other. I want to have these commands set up
Bedroom lights Off/On - Turn GU10 Bulbs Off/On
Turn TV Lights/Bar Off/On - Turn bar On/off

i have messed around with the scenes in the apps and so far my problem is when i say Bedroom Lights off/on it turns the bulbs off/on as i want, but if siri picks it up as bedroom light on/off it includes the bar aswell. How can i get the apps to regonise that the bar is a separate light from the rest with out removing it from the room on the app.


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Is your room also called bedroom by any chance. Sounds like Siri is interpreting bedroom lights as bring all of the lights on the room.


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Screenshot 2021-04-10 at 20.37.11.jpg

my bedroom set up at the moment


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What are your two scenes doing beyond turning a single light on/off?

Issues come when duplicating names in rooms, accessories and scenes; as you can see your GU10 has actually been called Light 1 but also adds the risks that "s" aren't heard etc. So if you deleted your scene then "Turn Bedroom Light 1 on" should turn on just the GU10 but risks being misheard as "Turn Bedroom Lights on" which would turn on both GU10 and light bar.


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Rename the single GU10 to whatever the fixture is (Ceiling?)
Then when you ask Siri, say turn on/off TV bar, and turn on/off ceiling light for separate control. If you just say tun on the lights in a room with a HomePod based in it, it will always turn on all the lights in that room.

You can delete the scenes, as they are not required for this functionality.

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