Philips HTS9800W/12 - Any Reviews ?


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Philips HTS9800W/12 - Any Reviews ?

Help !!!! Not sure if this post is meant to be here so if not sorry in advance !!!
I was reading the Live magazine with the Sunday paper and come across the above surround sound system, i am just wandering if anybody has any reviews or information on his yet, for the price of £700 seems pretty good, i know it is only just about to be released so not much information is available yet on it !!!

I think it looks pretty decent and seems ok just wandering what other people think, the other half likes it as it it looks pretty stylish and no wires as well so it goes down really well. Or is there a similar alternative that is well recommended please would help !!!

I have attached a link of the product spec !!!$File/Leaflet%20HTS9800W.pdf

Cheers in advance !



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Cheers Stuart, very good review and informative, think i am going to be getting thsi soon as the other half is not a big fan of boxes and wires running everywhere so think this one will do the trick, I am going to be hooking it up to my Panasonic viera PX600 plasma !!!!!

If any other knows of the similar system then let me know please



Hey Ian, I am also thinking about getting this although I wont be able to afford it til about October :(

If you get one, let me know, would really like to ask some questions about it, like where is the slot load on the device?

Is the rear center speaker mountable? etc.



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I purchased this on 2nd of august from took 2 days to deliver even though Iasked next day. And yes all spakers re mountable and so is the dvd player it self.

But the only problem I am having with it is sorting out the surround sound as I carnt here the rear 3 very clear.



If you look on the above Cnet review linke above under user opinions, there is a comment on adjusting rear volume levels and a link to a website with details


PS Thinking of getting this system myself next month,

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