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Philips HTS3500 / Samsung HT-TP33 - any reviews/opinions?


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I'm currently considering one of these two systems but I am unsure as to which way to go.

The HTS3500 looks good, though does not have an optical input so I would not be able to put Sky+ through it, however I don't watch many movies on Sky anyway (mostly just TV series: Lost, Battlestar, etc). A few comments I read about this one suggest that it is quite good, I've not seen anything negative yet. confusingly though, looking at the spec sheet provided by Amazon, this and the HTS3300 seem to be the same, is there any difference between the two?
Also on the plus side, the unlock codes for multi-region for these players are available - I have many region 1 DVDs (I'm in the UK. region 2 here)

The Samsung HT-TP33 looks to have great specs, including the optical input!
Even has a USB connection at the front, though not sure how useful that will be. Also comes with tall-boy speakers, which suits me as I won't be able to wall mount anything. Only found 2 reviews of this product so far, both of which were fairly negative (1 complained about poor reliability, the other complained of poor support by Samsung - suggesting they needed to use the support).
On the downside, I can't find any multi-region unlock codes for this one yet.

Anyone else got experience with either of these systems?
Or any other recommendations that I should have a look at?

Thanks :)

EDIT: forgot to mention, I've looked at both of these players as they support DivX playback which is fairly useful to me. I've seen that a Panasonic model has been suggested to other people (HSTC530?), I had a look at this however it does not support DivX hence why it is not in consideration just now.


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No one able to give any opinions on these systems?

From the few negative comments I found on the Samsung system, I'm think that I'll not go for that one now.

I've not been able to find anything else in this price region that offers an optical input? Am I wasting my time? (did find the SCHT15, though that is an Amp only, not sure I have enough room under my TV for that and a DVD player!)

I've had a look at the Panasonic SC-HT530, though this does not seem to offer much more than the Philips, are the multi-region codes available for this?

Wakefield Shots

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Which I think is the same as the 33 (both are in the handbook), but I have small satellite speakers. I would definately recommend this sytem. I used to have the Sony DAV-s500, & the Sammy knocks spots off it. It has a much wider sound field, good placing of effects & great picture on my Toshiba 27 inch LCD via component with progressive scan. Very good sound from Sky+ via optical connection too. Even the music reproduction is better than the Sony.

I got mine for £200 from Currys a few months ago, so could probably get it cheaper than that now. Hope this helps.


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thanks, I'll have a look into that model.
Quite surprised that it would be that much better than the Sony, the Sony all in one systems seem to be quite highly regarded on these forums, so I'll definately have to see if I can get a demo of the Samsung :)

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